Power / Industrial

Power / Industrial

Hitachi provides the latest and most advanced products, services and systems to enhance your capabilities.

Water Treatment Systems

Drinking Water Treatment Systems

picture : Drinking Water Treatment Systems

Drinking water supplying system is extremely important for everyday life. We are extensively experienced in and have a history of working with raw water intakes, transmission, water distribution and supply facilities, various chemical dosing, power receiving facility, instrumentation and SCADA system.

Sewage Treatment Systems

There are various needs in the sewage treatment field that change based on the environment and lifestyles, such as countermeasures against flooding, preservation of public water quality and re-use of water. We are a plant engineering and construction company that offer total solutions for water treatment. We develop systems and products necessary for these as well as provide services of construction, maintenance and operation. We contribute to the preservation of water environments with our leading technologies which are saving energy, saving power and saving space

Pre-treatment / Water Treatment Facilities

picture : Pre-treatment / Water Treatment Facilities

  • Pre-treatment facilities are that removes sand and screenings contaminants in the waste water inflow. We provide sand removal and screenings removal systems based on the installation conditions and purpose of use.
  • Water treatment facilities create clear treated water by biological treatment process with activated sludge and further settling and separation process. We provide various reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks and disinfection systems to suit the treatment method.

Sludge Treatment Facilities / Others

picture : Sludge Treatment Facilities / Others

  • Sludge treatment facilities stabilize and reduce the volume of generated sludge in water treatment facility. We provide various systems such as thickening, digestion, dewatering, drying and incineration systems.
  • Small-scale water treatment systems are appropriate for small-scale districts with a small population. We provide various simple systems that make maintenance easy.

Industrial Machinery Systems

Pump Systems

picture : Pump Systems

We have a large line-up of pumps for various applications, including pumps for transporting drinking water, rainwater drainage, sewage treatment, and irrigation, as well as high-temperature, high-pressure water supply pumps for thermal power stations and nuclear power stations. We also have extensive know-how in technologies such as construction cost reduction technology, simulation technology, and extending the service life of pumps after installation.


picture : Compressors

A compressor is machinery that compresses gases such as air and gas.
Compressors are used in various places and for various applications in society, and modern society cannot function without compressors.
We have an extensive product line-up to satisfy various needs, ranging from the large centrifugal compressors for process use that form the heart of petrochemical plants, chemical plants, and natural gas plants, as well as general-purpose compressors used in automotive applications, electronics, IT, food processing, steel, and other plant lines.
We supply products not only in Japan, but also overseas, based on our long experience and advanced technology.

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