Short throw LCD projectors at Sant Boi museum (Spain)

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Digital Technologies

Bringing history to life – short-throw projectors at Sant Boi museum

Just 11km from Barcelona, Sant Boi de Llobregat is a region with many important cultural and historic stories from the past.

From Iberian artefacts, to Roman baths and civil war – with a rich history and cultural background, the museum of Sant Boi needed a display installation that can clearly show visitors the cultural impact of each historic period, and give them a memorable experience.


Transparent technology in an ancient architecture

Teaming up with Espai Visual, the museum of Sant Boi wanted to create displays with great visual impact while educating the people about the history and diversity of the area.


As the museum is in a recently restored 17th century building, the design team at Espai visual had to work within the complex and small spaces, while creating dynamic and impressive displays.

We basically faced the problem of the actual tours and that is what we had to try and resolve: how do we guide the visitor from the beginning through the halls of this museum.

Jose Luis Alvarez, Espai Visual S.L.


Seeing the success of an immersive exciting experience

Using Hitachi's short throw projectors, the design team manage to create an immersive experience that impressed the young and old alike.


The museum had some great visitor reaction and many visitors return again with their friends and family to share the experience.

The first aim is for people to come to the museum, for them to know about the history of the museum, the history of Sant Boi, and for them to enjoy themselves.

Maria LLedó Barreda, Director, Museu de Sant Boi de Llobregat

What I liked most about the museum was the projectors because I was able to learn how they built houses step by step.

Museum visitor

I feel a great sense of satisfaction in having been able to bring to life some ideas which at first seemed complex and complicated, as well the fact of seeing the reaction on people's faces when they visit the museum, because that is really gratifying.

Enric Bohigas, Charmex Internacional S.A.


Future projections for the perpetuation of an ancient heritage

Through innovative technology, Hitachi has enabled the rich culture and history of Sant Boi de Llobregat to be passed down to the next generation, while bringing communities together.


In fact, all the people from the councils in other towns, throughout Catalonia, not only from the district, but everywhere in Catalonia, have come to see how we have set it up, how we have presented it, and how these types of projections worked and they were very pleased.

Montserrat Mirabent, Councillor for Culture and Tourism, City of Sant Boi de Llobregat

The museum's challenge

  • Create an experience that is dynamic and easy to understand – something for everyone, not just history experts.
  • Design and display with great visual impact, while working within the constraints of the small spaces inside the 17th century buildings.

Seeing the success

  • See some of the display in action.
  • Understand why the visitors want to come to the museum again and again.

Future projections

Enabling history to pass on to the next generation – inspiring communities.

About Museu de Sant Boi de Llobregat

The opening of the museum of Sant Boi in May 2011 was a major milestone in the preservation and education of the cultural and historical heritage of Sant Boi. The museum aims to provide everyone with a place to deepen their knowledge of local history in an attractive and accessible way.

The new facility is in Can Barraquer – a house where Rafael Casanova, an important historical figure in Catalonia, lived the last years of his life. It is located in the heart of the historic center and close to the Roman Baths and Can torrents.

About Charmex Internacional S.A.

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About Espai Visual S.L.

Espai Visual S.L., founded in 2000 and based in Barcelona, is a company specialised in the development of museum projects. With premises larger than 3000 m2, it consists of more than 10 departments & workshops.

Covering from concept design development and museography to project construction and installation, Espai Visual is a highly competitive company.

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