Medical Imaging Solutions

Hitachi Medical Systems works with thousands of healthcare professionals in Europe to break new ground in medical imaging solutions. As a leading supplier of medical imaging equipment including open and high field MRT systems, multi-layered CT scanners, medical ultrasound platforms and optical topography systems, we offer a complete range of imaging solutions for a wide range of medical challenges.

Working alongside those who recommend, administer and experience MRI, CT and ultrasound diagnostics, we’re able to identify improvements, user preferences and inspired recommendations for continual development into our diagnostics devices.

Thanks to a breadth of experience across our IT, technology and life science teams, we continually deliver breakthrough innovations, ensuring Hitachi Medical Systems is always at the forefront of high quality medical imaging solutions.

CT Scanners

Our wealth of experience in CT technology ensures excellent diagnostic imaging quality and uncompromised patient safety. Discover more about our CT scanners here.

MRI Scanners

Hitachi is the world’s largest open MRI manufacturer, with over 7,000 installed systems and the widest range of MRI units. Discover more about our MRI Scanners here.

Ultrasound Platforms

Hitachi has been pioneering ultrasound technology for over 60 years. Our ultrasound platforms range from state-of-the-art devices used in a doctor's surgery, to the ultimate high-end platforms designed for hospitals.