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Hitachi finger vein technology for bank PBS (Poland)

Hitachi Finger Vein Technology

BPS Bank and Podkarpacki Bank Spoldzielczy, which belongs to the BPS Group, are the first in Poland and furthermore Europe to implement a biometric ATM network using Finger Vein technology.

This innovative technology allows for the withdrawal of both money and benefit payments across Poland via high street ATM units. BPS Group consists of 366 cooperative agriculture banks and PBS Bank as the associate bank.

New technology and new challenges

The use of Finger Vein Technology within the Polish banking sector is seen as a break-through whilst also being viewed as both secure and highly effective.

Podkarpacki Bank chose biometrics as the service that will entirely meet our expectations, both in terms of safety and improvement of the process of disbursement of social benefits for clients.

Andrzej Dubis

Focusing on the client

A comprehensive approach to understand client needs ensured that a customised solution would be delivered.

In addition to providing the actual readers, we deliver them customized, that is, we provide them with the interfaces required by the bank; we also adjust the appearance of these readers to the bank's marketing needs.

Tadeusz Woszczynski

After the implementation of biometrics services in our bank, the customer service process was improved.

Andrzej Dubis

Biometrics, in particular the finger vein as mature biometrics, may naturally supplement the electronic signature, since the introduction of biometrics can replace the PIN. On the one hand, this increases the security and on the other facilitates taking advantage of the technology.

Sebastian Christow

Future Opportunities

Clients who could not have foreseen finger vein technology only a few years ago now cannot imagine their business without it. As a result many other new applications are benefitting from Hitachi biometrics.

In the Turkish market we are already starting projects combining the functionality of biometrics with POS terminals.

Tadeusz Woszczynski

This technology, due to its flexibility, due to the security that is behind it, can definitely be used in many areas of the banking sector. It is very well received by customers of the banking sector, and we see a great potential for cooperation and the expansion of this technology in the banking sector.


Adam Matyaszek

About Podkarpacki Bank Spółdzielczy

Podkarpacki Bank Spoldzielczy is the second largest cooperative bank in Poland in terms of equity capital and the largest in Poland in terms of number of outlets – those in the Podkarpacie region now number 90, 17 of which are branches of the Bank. Having recently opened four branches, PBS Finance SA operate in Krakow, Katowice, Warsaw and Gdynia offering a full range of products and services.

The bank's offering includes a full range of services: current accounts, foreign currency accounts, deposits, loans, credit cards, insurance and capital funds.

About Security Business Group (SBG)

Security Business Group (SBG) is a major business group within Hitachi Europe Ltd. It is the European section of the Information and Telecommunication Systems Group (ITSG) within the Hitachi Ltd. global group of companies. SBG focuses primarily on the sale of biometric solutions, ATM OEM components and security software. It is also a business incubator for ITSG solutions that are planned for implementation in European and world markets.