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Connective Industries

Hitachi’s Connective Industries are the backbone of our efforts to solve society’s biggest challenges. Our offering in Europe covers Medical & Bio, Refrigerators, Measurement & Analytical Systems, Industrial Machinery & Solutions and Water & Energy Management. We connect the physical with the digital to bring industry and infrastructure into the IoT age.

Industrial Machinery & Solutions

Hitachi is one of the world's leading manufacturers of Industrial Air Compressors. Hitachi has a long history of success and innovation, including the world's first scroll for air compression.

JR Automation, a Hitachi Group company, provides automation solutions for every challenge. We engineer, integrate, and support advanced automation solutions across the globe.

Hitachi power semiconductors, diodes and HVICs are applied to a wide range of high-power control applications throughout the world, including IGBTs for rail, automotive EV/HEV and industrial drive inverter systems.

Hitachi High-Tech Europe is involved in the most advanced technologies. We install, maintain and service semi-conductor manufacturing equipment, making sure it is working to optimum performance.

Hitachi Industrial Components & Equipment Group provides comprehensive service and sales advice in the fields of drives & automation, air technology, water and energy management solutions.

Hitachi's continuous inkjet printers and laser coders are the most advanced in the world. Our coding products are high quality, efficient and reliable, intended for industrial use, date coding and marking on everyday products.

Hitachi's electric chain hoists are used in a wide range of applications for efficient cargo handling. Applications range from factory handling operations to construction sites, the entertainment industry and even boat lifting.

Measurement & Analytical Systems

Technologically advanced solutions supported with reliability-proven electron/atomic force microscopy systems to meet the challenges of materials science, biological research, and industrial manufacturing.

Hitachi instruments are used in chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology, materials science, environmental and clinical chemistry – for routine analysis and quality control, to teaching and leading-edge scientific research.

Medical & Bio

Hitachi's clinical diagnostic systems set new standards in laboratories worldwide. Flexible and simple to use, they are set apart by user-friendly touch-screen operation, and security features like bar-coded sample identification.

Hitachi’s Particle Therapy Systems are leading cancer treatment with unique technologies and the best reliability in the industry.

Water & Environment Solutions

Hitachi's Water Management division is dedicated to the preservation of water resources and energy saving. We provide a complete service for efficient water distribution networks through innovative and customised solutions.

Consumer Products

Hitachi’s comprehensive and innovative refrigerator range includes Multi-Door, Side-by-Side, French Door, Bottom Freezers and Top Freezers. All are stocked with original features that improve food storage.